Friday, August 7, 2009


I was accused of antinomianism, after someone listen to Steve Browns , Free Means Free, and the Mahaney post, although I don't really go for these theological terms to much I wanted to say I am not antinomian although I lean strongly toward salvation through faith alone apart from works and not through the law I would take Romans 3:19-31 as my support in this view.

From Theopedia

Antinomianism comes from the Greek meaning lawless. In Christian theology it is a pejorative term for the teaching that Christians are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality. Few, if any, would explicitly call themselves "antinomian," hence, it is usually a charge leveled by one group against an opposing group.
Antinomianism may be viewed as the polar opposite of legalism, the notion that obedience to a code of religious law is necessary for salvation. In this sense, both antinomianism and legalism are considered errant extremes.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steve Brown Etc Dot Com

If you haven't experienced the ministry of Steve Brown, you're missing out, you can check him out HERE . Steve is an author of several books, professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando Florida, a Calvinist and preacher of grace. He is one who understands the difficulties normal Christians face in their daily lives with all the guilt and neurosis that goes along with our modern evangelical experience. Check him out>> Free Means Free!

Monday, August 3, 2009

United With Christ

"The knowledge of our union with Christ provides us with great dignity. As I look at myself I see failure, sin, and sometimes shame and disgrace. But that is neither the ultimate or the whole truth about me as a christian. No! I am united with Christ, a joint heir of his riches, a child of God. Knowing this to be the real truth about me lends grace and power to my life."
Sinclair Ferguson, The Christian Life, If you want to expand this thought >>> download